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About Us

Unplugged Games sells non-electronic games and accessories and provides a space to play and learn in a friendly atmosphere for all ages.

Products include traditional board games such as Monopoly, Chess and Scrabble as well as newer games like Settlers of Cattan or Robo-Rally, pencil and paper Role-Playing Games (RPGs) such as Dungeons and Dragons, card games, both traditional and newer Collectible Card Games (CCGs) like Magic, The Gathering of Pokémon, and tabletop wargames such as Warhammer 40K or Warmachine. The store will also provide ordering services either in store or via the web to special order games that may not be in stock for pick up at the location.

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Our Story

Unplugged Games started as an idea when we were all in high school. Long afternoons spent playing D&D collided with the perennial question of “what do you want to do when you grow up” to produce a solid answer: work at a game store of course! High school graduation came and went, along with college and a variety of day jobs, but the gaming group went on. Once a week, there we were gathered at somebody’s house with a pile of rulebooks in front of us. Sure, sometimes we played video games or watched movies, but none of us ever made sure we didn’t have a shift Tuesday night so we could sit down to play Halo. After bowing to the inevitable, we got to work. We’ve had many wonderful guides along the way to opening our doors, from friends and family donating their time and expertise to the generous tips and advice from other game store and small business owners. Here’s looking forward to the building of many more happy memories.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be a catalyst for community to form and interact in the real world, providing a space to play and learn within a friendly atmosphere for all ages. Unplugged Games will live up to its name by offering non-electronic games of all types, with a focus on role-playing games, board games, and card games.

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