And A Happy New Year

The new year is well and truly underway and Unplugged Games is still here! We are always improving, with new product on the shelf and more events being planned. Coming up here in just a couple weeks is Born of the Gods. This latest expansion for Magic: The Gathering continues the stories and themes started in Theros and we are running prerelease events February 1-2, in addition to the usual Sealed events happening at noon both days, we are also running our first Two-Headed Giant sealed event on the 1st at 6pm. As usual we'll have prizes for all who come in addition to those for the top finishers.

Also on the Magic front, we have begun a second booster draft day on Mondays at 6, entry fees for that are $12.00, also two leagues are underway: Saturdays we have Commander, and Sunday is Theros Sealed, soon to be Born of the Gods sealed.

Pathfinder Society is returning to Unplugged Games in February starting on the 13th, we are working to make this event exciting and fun for all who attend. We will have more on this soon.

Coming late February is Legend of the Five Rings! L5R is one of the old classics CCGs and is currently getting a little bit of a revamp, we've decided this is a good opportunity to bring it in and expose others to the game.

Tricks and Treats

It has been a hectic couple months here, school is back in, which means a farewell to some of our regulars, and a hello to many new ones, we expanded our in stock products a fair bit, and had yet another Magic release, this time it was Theros. That release went excellently, we tried a two day series of events and both were well attended, we are still small time compared to some of the other established stores, but we are making a mark anyway.

Soon we will have been open for a full year! Of course we are having a party, and of course you are invited, November 1st will be the anniversary day, which will have cake and a raffle in addition to our normal Friday Night events. Saturday the second will continue things with our local games showcase, this is an opportunity for local designers to show off their product to the public, if you are working on a game this is a great time to do some playtesting, if you have a finished product we'll be happy to try it out and give you some exposure.

Also this month is Warhammer 40k! We will start things off with a learn to play day on the 27th, followed by painting on the following week, and then beginning a Kill Team series of games after that, Kill Team is a very small scale style of play, almost a cross between a role-playing game and a wargame, and a good way to get into the hobby.

Magic is also not being left out, we are finally starting up the Unplugged Games EDH league! All you have to do to join is register your name with us and pay a $10 entry fee, then earn points by playing games at the store, at the end of November the top scorer will receive one of the new Commander decks being released by Wizards of the Coast this year.

Eventus Augustus

In a massive break with tradition, we have a site update sooner than eight months from the previous one! I know, I'm scared too.

July went well for us, the M14 prerelease was our biggest event yet and a good time was had by all. We also had a World of Warcraft: Reign of Fire Sneak Peak event that succeeded fantastically. Thank you to all who attended and we look forward to running more of them.

Speaking of which, M14 Game Day is coming up on the 10th, this is a great opportunity to see how some of the new cards are fitting into the tournament scene, and should be interesting if nothing else. Also we are starting to see information about the next block: Theros, we will be running two days of prerelease events for this and September 21st and 22nd. There are some pretty cool plans in the works for the release events for this set, so keep your eyes open on that.

Role-Playing has been strong here, our D&D Encounters sessions remain popular, and Wizards of the Coast has been putting out a lot of very interesting stuff in preparation for the next session: Murder in Baldur's Gate. Having read some of the background and adventures, I am pretty excited as well, there is a lot of neat stuff in here and fans of the PC games will see some familiar places and faces. Forgotten Realms has always been my favorite of the D and D settings, and it is looking like they are going to have some big stuff happen, stuff which might even be altered by the players choices during the Encounters season. This will also be available in 3.5, 4th, or D and D Next.

A number of board games and so on have been popular, see the sidebars for more information on my favorite, so we have settled on Tuesday evenings as being a good time to showcase one of them every week. come by after 6PM to get in on that.